Sue is one of those rare souls that makes you feel like you’re talking to an old friend, even when meeting for the first time. She is very warm and inviting, and within an hour of talking, you feel fresh energy breathing into your life. She is inspiring in the truest sense of the word. With deep compassion and commitment to transmuting the content of our lives into love and more love, she brings you closer to your truest essence. Because of the intricate interdependence of existence, I believe the heavens, the earth, and other beings suffer when we don’t share our innate gifts to the world. Sue’s gift is to help us find and breathe life into our own gifts, a job I had once thought reserved for angels. Not only did she help me find clarity and connection with my heart’s desires, but also unexpectedly, and perhaps, more importantly, provided the permission to be . . . truly me.

– Paul Johnson, Owner, Wildish Botanicals, IG@wildishbotanicalspdx [Portland, OR]


From a joint session:

Sue is so amazing! Couldn’t recommend her more. I am grateful for her insight and inspiration.

– Brooke Bachelor [Portland, OR]

Beautifully tuned in and spot on! I think about our session every once in a while, and it feels like a ray of sunshine.

 – Yedidya Tabanpour, DSOM, LAc, Emanence Natural Medicine [Portland, OR]


I have worked with many gifted intuitive people, but Sue changed my perception of what is possible. In just 90 minutes, she helped me move from feeling very frustrated and stuck to feeling empowered and clear. Her wisdom, compassion, and gift with words make her a powerful and effective guide. In essence, she reminded me how to tap into my unique light—both energetically AND pragmatically. In other words, I not only feel energized and excited about how to move forward, but I also have practical steps to take.

– Kendall Crosby, Integral Coach [Portland, OR]


I met Sue when I was going through some major life changes and feeling quite lost and anxious. Her intuitive gifts were nothing short of amazing. She knew what I was feeling and thinking before I was able to articulate it myself. To say the results of her guidance were beneficial would be a monumental understatement. She had a positive effect on every area of my life. Things just started to fall into place—work, personal, and spiritual—all of it. If you are at all stuck in your life, you owe it to yourself to spend some time with this amazing woman. I was and still am blown away by her ability to get inside your head and heart. Magic stuff.

– Walt Porterfield [Portland, OR]


I’ve twice attempted to put my experience with Sue’s inspirational magic into words. It begins with us sitting and just chatting. You know, sharing, laughing, not laughing, talking about life in general, life not yet explored, and then we part. I feel particularly heady afterward, fully alive, and particularly gleeful. Later that same day or over the next few days, ideas start pop, pop, popping into my head, the types of ideas that turn into concepts. Then, things start to percolate and my work begins! 

I don’t know how Sue knows what I want before I know what I truly want in this life, but she does, and I don’t want to look too closely behind the curtain. Sue really, truly does inspire.  

– Jerrolyn McRaven-Swanson [Portland, OR]


Sue has truly been an inspiration and a blessing for our family. Calling upon her many years of experience, she has given me insights about navigating changes in corporate culture and ownership and allowing them to work best for me, inspiring me to be true to myself and my values, as well as my career goals. For my college-aged daughter, she provided powerful insights about all the possibilities and doors open to her, so she could expand her thought process and consider a variety of opportunities in life, both traditional and outside the norm. Genuinely gifted in her ability to read the needs of the individual, Sue offers sound and beneficial suggestions for moving forward in work, and life.

– K. Mack, Vice President, Sales & Marketing [Portland, OR]


Sue has a gift and is not hesitant to share it fully. I have used her for my own professional development and have hired her for work with students and colleagues. The results have been extraordinary—real breakthroughs and huge life changes. 

– Lynn Brown, Transition Specialist, Newell Brown [Portland, OR]


I would recommend Sue to anyone who feels like they need a road map, a “‘way out,” or someone who can offer a non-biased perspective. Since getting to know her, she has helped me become a better man, and I have made some great decisions for my life (and my dog too).

– Anonymous


Thank you a million times over for the session the other day. After just a couple of hours, it was like waking up after several years of deep sleep. Though crazy how it all happened, it was so uber-helpful. If nothing else, it was the kick I needed, the ‘Go, what are you waiting for!’ I am actually truly enjoying this whole process and am so excited about the possibilities. Much love and gratitude to you.

– Jude Daricek [Los Angeles, CA]


Sue Ridge is a phenomenal facilitator for Divine Inspiration. Sue listens intently to your desires, skills, and what you are really saying in between your words, to get to the heart of the matter. She helps you connect with your fears, releasing the story around them, so you can see all the possibilities of your bright future. After a session with Sue, you are empowered to make a conscious decision to live in your fullest potential, now and into the future. Thank you for all your wisdom Sue!

– Stefanie Blaich-Fassett


When I walked into the shop where Sue was doing readings, I was drawn to her. Even though I’d never done anything like that before, the session changed my life. With so much happening at the time, she honed in on one thing I needed to do—travel. Our conversation led me to a retreat in Sedona, which opened me up to other possibilities. A few months later, we reconnected and did a couple of sessions to help me make a move from Oregon to Arizona. With her sensitive and caring guidance, I started to believe in myself and realize it didn’t matter how old I was—it was never too late to heal and find out who I am and what I want in life. Sue is an amazing person who helped me through so much.

– Katie Craig [Dallas, OR]


I met Sue while on a business trip to Portland, OR. I happened upon a studio where she was sharing her intuitive gifts through readings. Our connection was deep and immediate. We met for nearly 20 minutes, and during that time, Sue so accurately ‘read’ my situation—offering meaningful and helpful insights and divine direction. Without ‘knowing’ me, she knew me . . . and her intuitive guidance was spot on and helpfully urged me to follow a direction that I’ve known I should, but have not. She is a gifted professional who can help you navigate your life journey.

Marianne Richmond, Author, Artist, Inspirationalist [Nashville, TN]


Sometimes we need a little extra guidance, a sounding board from someone other than our friends or family. As an inspirational and intuitive counselor, Sue’s ‘no whistles or bells’ approach made me feel like I was gently and lovingly being guided, as she tapped from within—the issues, questions or matters which needed affirming, focus, redirection or letting-go of. Sue offered me invaluable personal insight and affirmation! I highly recommended her for those who are at a ‘foggy’ crossroads in their life or going through difficult transitions and in need of that extra positive boost and clarity.

 – Nioucha B [Lake Oswego, OR]


Sue is smart, intuitive, and a good listener. She has an amazing gift, and I am glad I found her when I needed just that sort of person in my life. I would suggest her services to anyone to who needs an extra push in a more positive and fulfilling direction. Seriously. She wants to help, and she is very good at seeing the different ways people can move through the changes in their lives.

– Elaine Terrell [Portland, OR]

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  1. Susan Puritz says:


    These testimonials are AMAZING!!!!! I’m so impressed–clearly you have found your calling.

    Big Hugs,


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