About Sue

It’s been a passion for a long time and though I did it with friends and clients for many years, I didn’t officially start my inspiration-consulting business until 2007.

It’s so much fun to see the excitement bubbling up on people’s faces as we uncover ways to do something they love or change a situation. It’s an organic process, so we may start in one place and end up somewhere else—often with a startling surprise, sometimes with a profound understanding. I just love when that happens; it feels magical.

I often hear things like, “Oh, I never thought of that,” or “How did you know?” In one situation, I ran into a client months after our session, and she told me everything we discussed came true. Now, in that case, I was the one who was surprised, especially since I didn’t recall anything from our time together. I am doing all this with the intention of making your life more joyful. And if you are happier, just think how it will benefit everyone around you.

I served as an intuitive reader at several venues in the Northwest. Most notably, I was one of the regularly scheduled readers at the New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland. During the summer of 2011, I volunteered with the Marylhurst University Job Support Group, providing mini sessions for several members. I also participated in some special events.

Previously, I co-owned a marketing company for 12 years. We did websites, brochures, newsletters, and other materials for small businesses in the Portland area. Besides doing most of our writing and editing, I especially enjoyed brainstorming (these days I prefer to call it heart-storming) with clients to find ways to help their companies grow and prosper.

Having spent several years in real estate development and involved in many other business ventures throughout my working life, I appreciate the myriad of opportunities available for my clients, and for me too. I am more than happy to do some editing (intuitive or otherwise) and help with other projects that do not necessarily fit into any category. It certainly keeps things interesting.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to write or call me at .

Sue Ridge

Feel free to write . . .

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